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2022-2023 Warren Philharmonic Orchestra Patrons

    Few professional orchestras can exist solely on subscriptions and single ticket sales, and the Warren Philharmonic Orchestra is no exception. A large portion of our budget comes from the generosity of our patrons, some remaining anonymous. Patron donations not only underwrite our two public concerts this year, they also help fund community outreach programs such as our Frank R. Bodor Strings of Joy Program. All contributions are tax deductible. Our sincere thanks to all our patrons!

Gold Baton Club  ($1,000-$4,999) 

  • Frank R. Bodor - in Memorium

  • Gina Bodor (Frank R. Bodor Strings of Joy Program)

  • Carol J. Olson

​Conductor's Club ($500-$999)

  • Stephen and Betsy Kuhn

  • Elliot and Christine Legow

  • Kingsley Sears

​Benefactor ($200-$499)

  • David W. Ambrose

  • William and Mary Dennis

  • Atty. Daniel Letson

  • Danielle M. Bodor Sheriff (Frank R. Bodor Strings of Joy Program)

  • Dr. and Mrs. John Vlad

​​Sustaining ($100-$199)​

  • Raymond Barnum

  • Jack DeVille

  • Atty. James Floyd (In memory of Frank R. Bodor)

  • Dale and Andreas Foerster

  • Dennis Freet

  • John and Lynn Gibson

  • Ruby Hawkins

  • Thomas and Claudia James

  • ​Lucille McGuire

  • Marianne Nissen

  • Scot Phillips

  • Beth Walton (In memory of Frank R. Bodor)

Contributor ($50-$99)​

  • David W. Ambrose (In memory of jeanette Mandel)

  • David and Laura Boich

  • Gris and Therese Hurlburt

  • Jackie Mills James

  • Karl and Jeannine Morris

  • Nancy Nader

  • ​Peter Rossi

  • Betty Womer

Friend ($10-$49)​

  • Albert and Ann Guarnieri

  • Jill Merola

  • Dorothy Moss

  • Burlyn Nash

  • Patricia and Raymond Rogers

  • Janet Schweitzer

  • Dallas and Velma Woodall


Platinum Baton Club ($5000+)​

​Gold Baton Club  ($1,000-$4,999) 

Conductor's Club ($500-$999)​

  • AVI Foodsystems, Inc.

  • Cafaro Foundation​

  • Zita M. and Joseph Diyorio Foundation​

  • ​​Frances and Lillian Schermer Charitible Trust

​Benefactor ($200-$499)

Susan Davanny Wyner

Music Director / Conductor Susan Davanny Wyner during "A Spring Bouquet!" - Sunday, April 7, 2019. Photo credit: Bill Mullane.

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