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Frank R. Bodor Strings of Joy, 2022-2023

The Orchestra's Frank R. Bodor Strings of Joy program provides free violin lessons to selected Trumbull County students in grades three through seven. Elements of the program include: 

  • The Orchestra will loan each student an age-appropriate violin and provide individual, 20-minute lessons each Sunday afternoon through ​​May 2023. Occasional group lessons will be scheduled, as well. The Orchestra will provide printed music to the students at no cost.

  • Each student must be willing to attend the lessons, practice what he/she is learning, properly care for the borrowed instrument and demonstrate good behavior throughout each lesson.

  • Parents must be willing to provide transportation for the lessons, provide encouragement and practice space, and assume ultimate responsibility for the instrument.

  • Instructors are qualified musicians who are paid under a separate fund consisting of grants from the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber Foundation, other community organizations and individual donations.

  • Lessons begin October 2, 2022, and will be held at Christ Episcopal Church, 2627 Atlantic Street, NE, Warren.

  • Applications for this class were due by September 1, 2022.​


Jenna Barvitski instructs the current Strings of Joy students.

Direct questions to Barry Dunaway, Frank R. Bodor Strings of Joy Coordinator, 330-399-3606,

Download Application Form [MS Word OR PDF, 1 page]
Download ​Frank R. Bodor Strings of Joy Enrollment Agreement [MS Word OR PDF, 2 pages]
Download Guide for Parents or Guardians [MS Word OR PDF, 3 pages]

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