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A Tribute to Warren Philharmonic Orchestra
President Frank R. Bodor

By Leanna J. Dunaway, Assistant Executive Director


Frank R. Bodor was president of the Warren Philharmonic Orchestra Board of Trustees for many years. During his tenure, the orchestra performed two magnificent concerts per season.
Over and above our regular concerts, we played for senior citizens in assisted living facilities; offered two free concerts for students in grades 3-8 in Trumbull County; sponsored art contests for those same students; created the Strings of Joy program which offers free violin/cello lessons to students; and had many fundraisers in and around our community.

The most recent exciting moment for the Warren Philharmonic came when Yo-Yo Ma decided to hold a free concert at the Warren Community Amphitheatre and asked for help from the orchestra to organize and present his music and ours. It was a thrilling event for us and for the Warren/Youngstown area.

Frank was passionate about the orchestra and classical music. He was forever promoting the musicians, its conductor and organization. He was a "hands on" type of guy who jumped in and hauled chairs where they needed to go, built a stand for the conductor for concerts at the First Presbyterian Church, wrote letters to countless individuals and businesses asking for donations/help with the orchestra, and still would dress in his suit on concert afternoons with programs in hand and make the necessary remarks at intermission. His expertise ran the gamut of laborer to highly respected leader of our Board of Trustees.


It has now been several months since his passing. We miss him.


The following is a list of admirers who have given donations to the orchestra in memory of Frank Bodor:


  • Thomas and Lisa Abruzzi

  • David W. Ambrose

  • Tullio and Christine Belmaggio

  • Peter A. Biltz

  • ​Mr. and Mrs. David Boich

  • Patricia Caldrone

  • Anna Marie Campana

  • Tami and Jamie Candella

  • Mildred H. Cornicelli

  • Ronald Dabrowski

  • Valentino DiVieste

  • Barry and Leanna Dunaway

  • Robert Burkey and Elise Magill

  • Mary Ann Dedow

  • Richard and Martha Ellers

  • James and Charlotte Floyd

  • Thelma Gibson

  • Ned and Deborah Gold

  • John and Lillian Hinkson

  • Therese and Griswold Hurlbert

  • Komal Jain

  • Antal, Gabriella, Laura and Olivia Jakli

  • Michele Kayal

  • Laurie and Mike Keriotis

  • Susan and Gregory Kokal

  • Catherine Macheret

  • Franklin and Mary Manios

  • Bill Mullane and Patti Latham

  • Oscar H. Merrow

  • Rebecca W. Natale

  • Geri and Nigel Newman

  • Carol Olson

  • Melvin and Ruby Parrish

  • James and Pari Payiavlas

  • John Payiavlas

  • Vicki Pettibon

  • Peter P. Rossi, Jr.

  • Randil and Deborah Rudloff

  • Fred and Janet Schweitzer

  • Steven Sheriff and Michele Alperin

  • Marvin and Gloria Shevel

  • Michael and Walter Shevel

  • James L. Sullivan

  • Bill and Alice Taylor

  • Brooke Thigpen

  • Col. Dennis Thompson

  • Ben and Veronica Tomassi

  • Monisha Trindade

  • Henry Venetta

  • Frank and Tricia Veres

  • Dallas and Velma Woodall


​Links to Frank's obituary and local media coverage

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